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Effect Of Delivery Pipe Diameter Of A Centrifugal Pump Delivery Time, Flow, Height Used For Water?

We have two series connected 2.2 kw (3HP) centrifugal pumps used for domestic water supply from ground floor to over head tank at 25 m high. Delivery line has 100 mm dia. reduced to 40 mm dia. GI pipe If we change the 40 mm dia. GI pipe to 75 mm dia. GI or PVC pipe, will there be any saving on pumping time?

Can A Plate Heat Exchanger Be Used To Condense Steam?

I want to input steam in one side and blowing air into the other side. The objective is condensate steam with air using a plate heat exchanger instead of an air cooled condenser. Any advice?

How Are The Laws Of Thermodynamics Used In Everyday Life?

I am doing a research paper for Physics class, and I have the laws of thermodynamics. I know the mathematics behind them, but I need help thinking of everyday examples of how they’re used.

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