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Effect Of Delivery Pipe Diameter Of A Centrifugal Pump Delivery Time, Flow, Height Used For Water?

We have two series connected 2.2 kw (3HP) centrifugal pumps used for domestic water supply from ground floor to over head tank at 25 m high. Delivery line has 100 mm dia. reduced to 40 mm dia. GI pipe If we change the 40 mm dia. GI pipe to 75 mm dia. GI or PVC pipe, will there be any saving on pumping time?

Effect Of Flow Rate In Heat Exchanger On The Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient?

i’m doing this experiment on heat exchanger. I’m supposed to discuss the effect of changing the flow rate on the overall heat transfer coefficient as well as the effect on the temperature and efficiency. I need some help so anything would be great.

What Can Cause A Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger To Block The Flow Of Steam On The Tubes Side?

the exh is used to heat a swimming pool and the flow of steam is correct between the boiler and the inlet of the exchanger. Steam does nto flow through the exchanger however. Any ideas as to why this may occur?

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