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Ive done 2 years of a 4 year nanotechnology course. If I do a masters in chemical engineering which is 1.5 years long, will I be able to work as a chemical engineer afterwards? Or should i just change my course to chemical engineering now and almost start from scratch?

I have applied for chemical engineering as my course in several universities. I am very interested in chemistry but I have heard that chemistry is very light in chemical engineering.c Is that true? I mean, how light is “light”? Can someone give me a brief overview of the chemistry topics covered in the course?

I am a junior chemical engineering student and I have one engineering elective to pick. The two choices are Unit Operations Lab II (I am already going to take Unit Ops I) or Applied Math for Chemical Engineering. I don’t have room to take both. Which one should I pick? Why? Which is more useful?

I’m deciding what I should major in next year. How hard is chemical engineering compared to electrical engineering. I know for a fact that it is easier to get into a university as a chem engineer major than an electrical engineer. I’m planning to go to UC Berkeley.

I heard that in chemical engineering there is no deep chemistry involved but rather chemical engineering is a combination of different things. In petroleum what do you need to study?

I’m a senior in high school and I’m planning on majoring in Chemical Engineering and then Med school afterwards. One of my friends informed me that ChemicalE was a better major choice because if I did not get into med school, I would have a good degree to fall back on. Is this a good [...]

The Chemical Engineering Reference Manual (CHRM6) is the most thorough reference and study guide available for engineers taking the chemical PE exam. It is current for the all-objective exam format. Comprehensive coverage of chemical engineering topics and an excellent index make this a reference you will use long after the exam. The coverage you need [...]

Review Branan’s useful and convenient handbook for chemical and process engineers (at a bargain price) will be much appreciated by students and practitioners… (American Reference Books Annual)…this book is a handy reference tool for preliminary designs, and has some very useful information on several aspects of plant operation. (Chemical Engineering)Carl Brannan’s book provides a huge [...]

Review ‘ An essential support text for the traditional design product. …Well written, it is easy to read and is superbly indexed’Trans IChemE –Trans IChemE Review ‘ An essential support text for the traditional design product. …Well written, it is easy to read and is superbly indexed’Trans IChemE’An excellent book for professionals and university students… [...]

Gain a better understanding of chemical processes. This text will provide you with a realistic, informative introduction to chemical processes. This 3rd edition has been completely revised to provide you with increased clarity, including: Hundreds of new and revised problems and new case studies cover a broader spectrum of chemical engineering applications. Guidance for solving [...]

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