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The inverse Laplace transform of is e-t/2 – e-t (B) 2e-t/2 – e-t e-t – 2e-t/2 (D) e-t – e-t/2 The characteristic equation of a closed loop system using a proportional controller with gain Kc is 12 s3 + 19 s2 + 8 s + 1 + Kc = 0 At the onset of instability, [...]

21 to Q. 60 carry two marks each. The value of the limit –is (A) –? (B) 0 (C) 1 (D) ? The general solution of the differential equation – = 0, with C1 and C2 as constants of integration, is C1 e-3x + C2 e-2x (B) C1 e3x + C2 e-2x C1 e3x + [...]

CHEMICAL ENGINEERING – Gate Chemical Engineering Question Papers – Year 2009 There are a total of 60 questions carrying 100 marks. Questions 1 through 20 are 1-mark questions; questions 21 through 60 are 2-mark questions. Questions 51 through 56 (3 pairs) are common data questions and questions pairs (57, 58) and (59, 60) are linked [...]

Process Calculations and Thermodynamics: Laws of conservation of mass and energy; use of tie components; recycle, bypass and purge calculations; degree of freedom analysis. First and Second laws of thermodynamics and their applications; equations of state and thermodynamic properties of real systems; phase equilibria; fugacity, excess properties and correlations of activity coefficients; chemical reaction equilibria. [...]

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