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explain the procedure please. Here is the answer I gave to another question on centrifugal pump startup. The only difference with a canned pump is the fact that they tend to be much easier to prime due to their geometry. Assuming the pump is properly primed, The main considerations in starting up a centrifugal pump [...]

in past it is impossible but i wanna know that in these days there are it? #Any centrifugal pump can not handle gases with liquids. Please learn about priming of centrifugal pumps. #Suppose a centrifugal pump is running on 2900 RPM and if you want to run it for expelling gases, you have to run [...]

The power is proportional to the cube of the pump speed. You will need to create the pump curves for your pump, or the vendor may have one you can use, or adapt to your fluid with a density coefficient.

We have two series connected 2.2 kw (3HP) centrifugal pumps used for domestic water supply from ground floor to over head tank at 25 m high. Delivery line has 100 mm dia. reduced to 40 mm dia. GI pipe If we change the 40 mm dia. GI pipe to 75 mm dia. GI or PVC [...]

Yes, a turbine pump is centrifugal pump because the amount of fluid that is displaced depends on the resistance of the existing piping system (given a constant speed). A positive displacement pump is going to have a fixed volumetric displacement for a given speed. Really what I think you mean when you say “turbine pump” [...]

Why did it heat up? Estimate how many degrees F per hour the water heated up and explain your reasoning.

Can we calculate it for reciprocating pumps also? if yes, how? Is there any thumb rule for this?

I would like how is the pump’s suction head related to its operational head? or discharge head? or on its performance…

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